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Delta Emergency Response Team (ERT) Communication Policy

  • The Delta ERT Committee is committed to informing, supporting and assisting Sorors and their communities during events of disasters. The communication policy/process serves as a guide to Sorors on the appropriate methods/steps of reporting and documenting instances of disaster.

  • Chapter presidents are asked to appoint a Chapter Chair to monitor and notify her in the event there is a disaster.

  • Chapter Chairs should develop listserv or phone tree for chapter members to notify members in the event of a disaster.

  • The Chapter Chair should notify the State Chair of Delta ERT of any instances of disaster and complete the Disaster Situation Report Form (see attached).  A copy of this form should be shared with the chapter president.

  • The State Chair should report all disasters to the Regional Chair of Delta ERT and submit a copy of the Disaster Situation Report Form.

  • The Regional Chair should report disasters to the Regional Member of the Delta ERT Committee.  The Regional Member should inform the Chair of Delta ERT and the Regional Director a copy of the Disaster Situation Report Form should be submitted to The Chair and the Regional Director.

  • The Chair of the Delta ERT Committee will inform the Regional Director, the National President and the Executive Director of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.   (if indicated)


  Download the Delta ERT Communication Process Flowchart (.pdf)


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