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Dearest Sorors,

As a part of our “Are You Ready DST” initiative, we are continuing to push the importance of being All Ready as an important message from the Grand Chapter and the Delta Emergency Response Task Force. The mission of this task force is to:


Increase awareness about emergency preparedness activities


Provide structured and systematic training for the membership’s Readiness, Response, and Recovery efforts


Provide effective and immediate communication strategies to facilitate and aid in preparedness and response


Provide steps for early response and efficient recovery


Provide resource support and guidance for sorority members and the communities impacted by natural or man-made disasters


The month of September is an important opportunity for planning and preparedness. September is National Preparedness Month and I want to take this opportunity to encourage each of us to pause for a moment, check the resources provided by the Delta Emergency Response Task Force and plan now for emergencies. While we don’t know when, emergencies happen….but being prepared for them is as easy as 1, 2, 3. To that end, I am attaching the All Ready DST document which is your guide to preparedness. Finally, be on the lookout for the launch of the Delta Emergency Response Task Force link on the National Webpage… coming soon with current news feeds, pathways to national and local resources and much more!


Additionally, we are partnering with FEMA to conduct a preparedness activity for the month of September. Please plan an emergency activity during September 27th-30th. All chapters are asked to select one of the activities below in an effort to support our commitment to reach each member of the sorority in this effort.


  1. Conduct an emergency preparation kit party. Invite sorors to a location and each soror should be given an item to bring to stock the emergency kit. Have a drawing and give the kit away as a prize.

  2. Go to, look for the "Know Your Risk" box on the left of the screen, click on, the "Learn more About Preparathon" bar, then click on the "Red" bar on that page that reads "Register For America's Preparathon" link and complete the survey. This is a free activity, which will provide valuable information as you prepare your family and community for disasters. NOTE: There is additional information on this site that is very helpful and has other safety topics.

  3. Host a community forum with the Emergency Management Team in your community. Select 4-5 community emergency managers to discuss preparedness strategies.

  4. Copy the "All Ready DST" information and ask permission to distribute to church members. Also, prepare copy for all chapter members.


This is our commitment to FEMA to become actively involved in disaster preparedness and our commitment to a National Initiative.


Training Sign in Sheet

Your Family Disaster Plan FEMA

Your Family Disaster Kit FEMA

Home Hazard Checklist FEMA

Office Disaster Kit

Recovering from Disaster


Thank you in advance for your participation.

Dr. Paulette C. Walker
Dr. Paulette C. Walker, National President  

Linda R. Wilson
Linda R. Wilson, Chair, Delta Emergency Response Task Force

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